Sunday, August 23, 2009

Relief work Painting

This relief work painting is done on a ply board.

It is an inspiration from the carvings done on the walls of temples and palaces. The board is prepared by putting a base. Then the design is copied on it. Steps of embossing is done using cone work. The amount of embossing depends on the kind of work the user wants to do.

The final step is the painting done on it using the colours of your choice.

Finally the picture is framed and a beautiful creation is formed.

Mughal Mirror

Painting on glass.

I got this idea from the Mughal paintings and clubbed my idea with their exquisite use of mirrors.

The mercury side of the mirror is first removed from the reverse side which converts a part of the mirror into glass. Now starts the painting on this glass portion from the reverse side.

The end result after framing is a beautiful Mughal Mirror.