Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ganesha in Acrylics

I was working in oils earlier but now thought of working in Acrylics. This medium works in the same way as posters. But you have to be fast enough to finish as they dry very fast.

The painting is done on a canvas cloth. First of all a very light sketch was made by me. After that, the first thing to be painted was the background which was just done free hand.

After this, the Ganesha was painted. The white part was kept really clean and the work on it was done in the end.

To give a little drama, the ornaments were done with the gold filled in a cone. In the same way, a few other things like the leaves on the top and the shawl worn by the deity were again done using the same acrylic paint done in a cone.

A few things to remember - Pay attention to the eyes and the initial drawing of the figure. This gives a magical result to your final picture which is framed in the end to give a positive result.


Shweta kannan said...

Really a very Nice Painting....plz visit my Blog too....

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SANGEETA said...

Hi Shweta, Thanks for your inspiration. Ya visited your blog and cameto know about new things. Really great!