Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lady on Glass

I  wanted to combine my fashion designing skills along with my passion for paintings and the result was this picture I got.
This is on the similar ground as the Reverse Mirror Painting done by me a few days back. The items in the picture that you see first, are to be done first and everything else follows. A few things to be remembered are, your work should be very neat, like starting with the outlining itself, all lines should be with the same intensity and while filling colours, they should not run out of the shape required.

The colour that you use in the end as filler should be thick enough that the whole painting brightens up.
Frame the end painting in the most innovative way to make it spectacular.


Devashish Rao said...

Hi ! I was blogwalking, stumbled upon U r blog. U certainly have loads of talent !

Do visit me at

Devashish Rao

SANGEETA said...

Thanks Devashish. Wl definately visit your blog too soon.

shreya said...

i luv dis painting ov urz...itz da best!!!