Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madhubani spaceship

India being a diversified country, has a diversified origin of paintings. Madhubani style of paintings originated from a place called Madhubani near Mithila in the state of Bihar.

From the earlier times, the ladies of the village decorated the walls and floors of their houses with these art forms. They made a base with muck, used black charcoal from their firewood for the outline and filled colours inside from the various things available in their kitchens.

Hence the colours mostly used are red, green, yellow, orange, blue.

These paintings started becoming popular in the year 1960 and people started commercialising by copying the paintings on cloth or paper. Mostly people use an ochar or cream base and do colourful themes on them.

The themes usually comprise on scenes from their lives, like a marriage scene, scene from daily lives, showing Gods and Godesses like Rama, Lakshmi, Sun as God etc.

I have taken an inspiration from these kinds of paintings and tried to create a modern Madhubani painting depicting a spaceship.

I hope you all like my idea of a modern Madhubani painting.

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Jo said...

i love the whole Idea..i wish the pic was bigger to see. amazing body of work. Great to see such inspiring people like u