Monday, September 7, 2009

Traditional painting in Mixed Media

What I  feel is that most of Indian artists are inspired by Rajasthani folk art.I am one of them. 

The painting is in mixed media. The base is a canvas board. The lady was drawn first. The rest of the background was done in POP. A  base was created by me in Plaster of Paris. Cone work was done in the background using a much thicker mixture. 

Now the whole picture was painted using Artist Acrylic Paints. You have to work fast as the paint dries very fast. 

Now the jewellery was created using the same paints filled in a cone. Along with this, even Gold outliner for glass painting was used. 

Now the painting was ready but to give a shine, hot ceremic was done in the end to protect the picture from dust.

To give it a complete Rajasthani finish, a frame from the same region was used.

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Glitter Birdie said...

Hi Sangeeta

You have a lovely blog and your works are truly admirable. I am especially in awe of your mughal style mirror painting and would definitely love to try it out.The relief designs found on the walls of Taj Mahal n all would look lovely in that style.

Keep up the good work!!